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Say Goodbye to Grime: Professional Victorian Tiles Restoration Walton on Thames

Renew your home's elegance with Fabritec's professional tile cleaning and restoration services in Walton on Thames. Specializing in Victorian tiles restoration, our experienced team delivers exceptional results with specialist sealers and coatings. Contact us now for a free quote and transform your living space!

Craftsmanship and Care: Victorian Floor Tile Restoration in Walton on Thames

Here at Fabritec, we grasp the significance of maintaining the pristine appearance of your Victorian tiles. Hence, we offer dependable, refined, and elegant restoration services crafted to revive the allure of your tiles. With our extensive experience in tile cleaning and restoration, our seasoned team is proficient in helping you restore your Victorian tiles to their former glory. Using top-of-the-line materials and contemporary techniques, we guarantee impeccable results with every project. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your Victorian tiles regain their original splendor!

restoring victorian tiles in Walton on Thames

Prevalent Victorian Tiles Troubles

  • Dull Grubby appearance through years of wear.

  • Paint spills along with other spills.

  • Grease rust and oil staining.

  • Damage and holes at the edge of the floor, through gripper bar nails.

  • Old finishes of waxes and linseed soaked up in to the body of the tiles that has turned black.

  • Grimy and missing cement grouting.

Nevertheless|Still|Nonetheless|Still|Even so|Having said that|Regardless of this}, it is still actually possible to restore victorian floor tiles to a gorgeous finish.

typical problems with victorian tile floors in Walton on Thames

Cleaning Victorian Tiles

Victorian tile floors are manufactured using natural clay, meaning that they're relatively soft when compared to glazed most other ceramic and porcelain tiles. Abrasive cleaning pads can easily remove the surface of a tile. Abrasive restoration can easily get rid of a design off encaustic tiles, damaging the floor and ruining your whole look of a floor.

Water is vital in restoration, Still when cleaning Victorian floor tiles, use as little as you can. Victorian floor tiles tend to be on old porous, unstable sub-floors. So water should not soak through the tiles on the sub-floor. Way too much water can affect your sub-floor, moving individual tiles or whole regions of your floor.

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Minton Tile Cleaning

If your victorian tile floor is really soiled with old sealer residues, you should get in touch with a local professional Victorian tiles cleaning company. They have the tools and most importantly the experience to clean and restore heavily soiled floors, without causing longlasting damage.

The company will start by getting rid of all existing finishes. They use a number of sealing and coating removers to help remove old [xfield_gluetar] coatings. The coatings removers are left to do their work for 20 minutes or overnight to penetrate and break down the coatings and glues.

Rotary scrubbing machinery with various degrees of cleaning pads and brushes break away the coatings. Then rinse off with clean water and vacuum away the slurry. Repeat the process to remove all residues of this old coatings. Hand pads and brushes are handy get to the remaining coating residues.

typical problems with victorian tile floors in Walton on Thames

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Grouting Victorian Tile

Victorian tile floors normally experience a bit of movement, opening up the spaces between tiles and perhaps, dislodging or damaging individual tiles. 

Gaps between tiles should be grout filled to help stabilise a floor. 

And then leave the floor to dry ready to be sealed.

grouting victorian floor tiles in Walton on Thames

Sealing Victorian Tiles The Expert Strategy

Histiorically, Victorian clay tiles were all about that linseed oil and wax treatment. It was like a magical potion that brought out the vibrant hues in the floor, but alas, time took its toll. The linseed oil would break down and dull the colors, like a faded memory of what once was.

But fear not, my friend! We have entered the modern era, where sealers reign supreme. These bad boys are not only safer than a walk in the park, but they also provide top-notch protection for your precious tiles. And the best part? They're a breeze to apply, like a gentle caress on a summer's day.

Gone are the days of oily cloths causing spontaneous combustion. Say goodbye to the dangers of yesteryear and embrace the ease and safety of our modern sealers. Your floors will thank you, and you'll be the envy of all your neighbors.

So, let's bid adieu to the old ways and welcome the new with open arms. It's time to give your tiles the love and care they deserve, without any of the risks. Trust us, your floors will shine brighter than ever before.

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Encaustic Tiles Cleaning The skilled Technique

Encaustic cement tiles have become more popular. These cement tiles can have designs and colours mechanically pressed on the surface and some are also hand painted.

Like many ceramic tiles, Encaustic tiles are typically simple to clean, and require little maintenance. But, as they are made from cement, they're permiable and so should really be sealed in order to avoid soil getting trapped in the tile.

After cleaning, the initial colours within the tiles can appear washed out, so our Professionals put on a colour intensifying sealer to revive the the original colour tones.

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