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Is It Simple To Clean Porcleain Tiles?

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It could be a pain cleaning your Porcelain floor.  Deciding how to restore your floor is a real frustration. Eventually you'll have to a professional Porcelain restoration team to get your floor looking awesome once again. This guide can help you make an educated selection of a Porcelain restoration company

Porcelain is categorized as ceramic, but it is manufactured with additional products to normal ceramic floor tiles. Porcelain tiles are very moisture-resistant, so spills should not penetrate into the surface of the tile and leave stains. However when Porcelain isn't processed perfectly, the surface can easily attract soil. 

This dirt can be difficult to take off with standard mopping and scrubbing. However, we can remove ingrained soil with specialist scrubbing and rinsing equipment, specifically  made to get into the microscopic pits that trap the soil. 

After your porcelain tiles have been cleaned we  use a sealer that protects against spills and stains. 

If you have a solid colour porcelain floor, it may be possible revive the floor by grinding and polishing, however the costs for grinding and polishing porcelain are quite substantial.

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile flooring cleaning can often take a shorter time than natural stone or clay tiles because they are not porous.

Professional tile and stone cleaning will still give your floor better results than DIY cleaning. We always apply a specialist tile sealer after cleaning and restoration. A sealed Porcelain tile is easier to clean and helps stop soils penetrating the grout.

Professional cleaning Porcelain Tiles in Surrey

Porcelain Tile Cleaning - The Process

How do we remove ingrained soil?

Powerful cleaning chemicals break up the ingrained dirt. And then allow the cleaner to work for approximately 20 minutes to break up the greasy plugs. Rotary scrubbing equipment gets the soil out of the tiles.

Then we use our pressurised hot water rinsing to remove the slurry. Having integrated high pressure spray nozzles, it is easy to clear away persistent dirt. One or two scrubbing and rinsing steps is usually sufficient for Porcelain tile floors. 

he Process Of Cleaning Porcelain Tiles in Surrey

The Ideal Sealer for Porcelain Tile and Grout. in  Surrey

An impregnating sealer is normally put on to Porcelain Tile Grout. A couple of coats of impregnating sealer is usually enough to stop water penetrating into the Grout. Porcelain Tile and Grout tiles must be re-sealed every year to maintain the degree of protection. An impregnating sealer is not going to prevent acid spills etching the Porcelain Tile and Grout. Which means acid spills such as cola, red wine and tomato sauces will penetrate the impregnating sealer on the Grout.

Restoring Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a tough material. Though Porcelain is tough, it can be harmed. Scratches and marks can sooner or later lead to a loss of shine. If the porcelain is "through colour", so the colour is through the tiles, they may be able to be ground and polished. However, if the tiles have a printed finish, they can't be ground.

Polishing porclain tiles in Surrey

Polishing Prcelain Tiles

porcelain polishing how to in Surrey

In the event that your Porcelain has just began to lose its luster, it could be feasible to restore the luster by just polishing. Special Porcelain polishing powders and creams comprising minute abrasive grains. The creams and powders are massaged in to the Porcelain using buffing pads and extremely heavy polishing apparatus, weighing in at one hundred kgs. and more. The polishing paste removes minute scratching and polishes the top to a high shine. This technique will likely not clean out visible scratches or worn sections.

Porcelain Honing And Polishing

porcelain honing and polishing in Surrey

Dull patches and scratches in Porcelain will need to be removed by diamond honing before the Porcelain could be polished. Porcelain honing uses heavy honing machines with diamond-filled resin disks. The abrasive diamonds remove a tiny amount of Porcelain from the finish of the Porcelain, exposing a new, smooth top, ready for Porcelain polishing. If the your Porcelain tiles are uneven, with lippage, or if there are some deep scratch marks the Porcelain needs to be ground before beginning the honing process.

Porcelain Tile Restoration

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A Porcelain floor will want a complete restoration when there is any damage, deep scratches or lippage. Irregular tiles are an eyesore, and perhaps, a slip hazard. Metal diamond machines grinds off finish, (also known as lippage removal) to produce a flat, level finish utilizing diamonds wrapped in a soft metal matrix, made to remove lots of of Porcelain.

Porcelain grinding is a rather aggressive and lengthy procedure, best to be achieved by qualified professionals with all the proper equipment and education. When you finish grinding, a dark-colored Porcelain will look nearly light due to the scratches made by the grinding stage.

As soon as your Porcelain finish is ground level, we can give you the finish you want, honed, high-polish, or a finish in between.

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