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Marble Polishing Surrey

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Marble Restoration Surrey - The Professional Method

Marble Polishing Surrey

The Expertise We Provide Shouldn't Be Confused With Basic Cleaning Performed Done By Domestic Cleaning Businesses

We offer professional deep natural stone cleaning and marble cleaning which is certainly very different to simple stone cleaning.

Care should always be taken, because marble cleaning and stone refurbishment is a highly skilled occupation.

Natural stone is often damaged very quickly by novice cleaners.

We have actually gone to many jobs where the marble has actually been messed up by people who do not possess the experience or training of a competent stone remediation practitioner.

You will locate many "general cleaning organisations" supplying this specific service using very nasty abrasives and acidic chemicals which can harm your stone. After this happens we can usually correct the damage though it may cost a whole lot more to deal with.

Marble restoration covers all types of work to refinish Marble. Marble restoration covers six kinds of work.

Marble Grinding - The Starting Point For Marble Floor Restoration

Image showing marble grinding work for Surrey

Marble grinding work uses heavy, industrial-grade machines and diamonds approximately 80 grit to resurface the Marble.

Lippage or uneven tiles, is a common problem with marble floors.

Excess lippage, over 2mm, prevents an even polished finish.

Grinding removes lippage and damage, making the floor flat, enabling an even polished surface.

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Marble Honing

Honing Marble floors - What is the best mop

Honing marble beginning with 100 or 200 grit diamonds sets the floor for finishing by eliminating wear or the scratches left by grinding. If a floor has slight or no lippage, honing alone can remove most marks.

Marble Polishing

Working photograph of marble polishing Surrey

Many individuals prefer a polish on their marble floor.

Polishing uses great diamonds to provide a shine to the marble floor.

For marble in good condition, the restoration begins with Polishing using 800 and 1500 grit diamonds.

Marble Sealing

An impregnating sealer is generally used on polished Marble.

A polished Marble needs less sealer than other finishes, so 1 or 2 costs of sealer usually sufficient.

There isn't a lot of sealer a polished Marble, therefore the sealer should be topped up every year.

Impregnating sealers on Marble are not going to stop acid etching and chemical damage.

Which means acid spills will penetrate the impregnating sealer on the marble floor, leaving a dull etch mark.

Strong coloured acid spills will etch and stain the Marble.

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