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Cleaning Sandstone

Sandstone floor cleaning services in Surrey

Our Sandstone cleaning programs covers an array of Sandstone floor styles, including traditional local sandstone like York stone and flagstone.

First, our specialists use a strong Sandstone floor cleaner over the floor and allow the cleaner to dwell on the floor for up to 20 minutes. Then we carefully scrub the floor to release the surface and ingrained soils.

We rinse off the dirty water and check the floor. If there is lots of residual soil, we will scrub and rinse until it is clean. With honed Sandstone, 1 or 2 scrubbing and rinsing steps is usually sufficient. More scrub and rinse passes may be required for a tumbled or riven Sandstone.

Pressure Rinsing Sandstone

Sandstone cleaing and rinsing services in Surrey

A final hot pressure rinse cleaning step is usually recommended. 

Using integrated high-pressure spray nozzles, you can easily take out persistent impacted dirt. 

It is amazing how much additional soil the high-pressure rinsing process takes out.

Sandstone Restoration

After the floor has been cleaned, we can see if there are more problems to be resolved.

Sandstone Floor Grout Repair

Typically Sandstone grout gets marked from spillages, or breaks down from intense cleaning and harm from caustic cleaners. If the grout is over 4 mm deep, then new grout can be applied on the top of old grout. 

If grout is damaged, diamond cutting tools can get rid of the affected grout before re-grouting. 

Removing old grout and re-grouting is a costly job.

Chips, cracks and damaged floor tiles can be repaired or replaced. The floor is then left to dry before applying a sandstone sealer.

Sandstone Sealing

The variety of sealer to use is based on the character of the sub-base.

Sealing Sandstone Floors That Do Not Have A Damp-Proof Membrane

Older houses in lots of cases do not have a damp-proof layer. With over four million homes in the UK originating from the Edwardian and Victorian periods alone, it is also a fairly common occurance. This stone has to allow the movement of miosture, therefore a breathable sealer is required. An impregnating sealer is preferred for types of floors. In virtually all installs 3 or 4 coats of impregnating sealer will be ample to stop spills penetrating into the Sandstone. One layer of impregnating sealer is not enough to shield these kinds of floors.

Sealing Sandstone Installed On A Floor With A Damp Proof Membrane

An impregnating sealer won't alter a matt or sheen finish. Sandstone can also be protected with a surface sealer or film-forming sealer. Surface sealers provide a sacrificial wear layer over the Sandstone. Acids cause less immediate damage to a surface sealer, but if left, they will eventually penetrate the sealer and wear the Sandstone. They leave a clear, protective layer over the stone.

A surface sealer is often used over an impregnating sealer for extra protection. When the surface sealer wears, the impregnating sealer still gives protection until the Sandstone is re-protected.

A surface sealer will last for two to four years before it requires re-applying. Ideally, check traffic every half a year. Areas displaying traffic should really be deep cleaned. Restore the final with a couple of coats of Surface sealer. This advice can certainly make your sealer last considerably longer.

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