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Victorian Tiles Restoration Surrey

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Restoring Victorian Floor Tiles The Specialist Method

restoring victorian tiles in Surrey

Every Victorian tiles restoration specialist must account for period encaustic and geometric tiles present in Victorian and Edwardian hallways. Such floor tiles are actually unglazed, with all the colours a result of the natural colours from with the clay. If you live in an old property, you might find a beautiful Victorian victorian tile hallway below carpet. Most floors look worn and grubby. However, with changes in fashion, many entrances will be hidden underneath lino, bitumen, glue deposits and carpet, requiring a professional deep clean.

Known Victorian Tiles Issues

typical problems with victorian tile floors in Surrey
  • Flat dirty look from several years of wear and tear.
  • Painting spots and other spills.
  • Rust, grease and oil staining.
  • Damage and holes at the edge of the floor, produced by carpet gripper nails.
  • Old applications of oil soaked up in to the body of the tiles which has turned black.
  • Dirty and missing cement grout.

Nevertheless, it is still feasible to restore victorian floor tiles back to a beautiful appearance.

Victorian Tiles Cleaning

victorian tiles cleaning in Surrey

Victorian tile floors are manufactured using natural clay, as a result they are quite soft in comparison to glazed other ceramic and porcelain tiles. Abrasive restoration pads can remove your surface of a tile. Coarse restoration will remove the pattern from encaustic floor tiles, harming your floor and spoiling your whole appearance of the floor.

Water is essential in restoration, but when cleaning Victorian floor tiles, use minimal as you can. Victorian floor tiles in many cases are on old porous, unstable sub-floors. So water must not soak through the flooring into the sub-floor. Too much water can affect your sub-floor, lifting individual tiles or whole regions of your floor.

Cleaning Minton Tiles

cleaning minton tile floors in Surrey

If your victorian tile floor is extremely soiled with old sealer residues, we suggest you get a hold of a specialist Victorian tiles cleaning company. The company will have the equipment and above all the experience to revive soiled floors, without producing irreversible harm.

They will start by stripping the existing coatings. They can use an assortment of sealing and coating treatments to strip old [xfield_gluetar] coatings. The coatings removers are left to do their work for 20 minutes or possibly overnight to work into and soften the coatings and glues.

Scrubbing equipment with different degrees of cleaning pads and brushes break up the coatings. Then rinse with water and vacuum off the residues. Repeat the procedure to get rid of all residues of the old coatings. Hand scrubing pads and hand scrubbing brushes are beneficial get at the final residues.

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Grouting Victorian Tiles

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Victorian tile floors in general go through a minimal shifting, opening the spaces between tiles and in some cases, dislodging or breaking tiles. 

Any gaps should be filled with grout to help stabilise the floor. 

Then leave the floor to dry ready to be sealed.

Sealing Victorian Tiles The skilled Technique

sealing victorian floor tiles in Surrey

Historically, Victorian clay tiles were all about that linseed oil and waxed life. The oil would make those colors pop, like a vibrant masterpiece. But over time, that boiled linseed oil would start to lose its mojo and dull the floor's true potential. Plus, let's not forget the hazards of handling linseed oil. Oily cloths turning into fire-starters? No thank you.

Modern sealers not only provide superior protection and they're easier apply. Say goodbye to spontaneous combustion and hello to a safer, easier way to unleash the full glory of your floor's colors.

So let's seal the deal and give your floor the love it deserves. Trust me, it's a game-changer.

Encaustic Tiles Cleaning The Expert Method

encaustic tile floor cloaning services in Surrey

Encaustic cement tiles have become very popular. These cement tiles can have forms and colours automatically pressed on the surface and they can be painted by hand.

Like other ceramic tiles, Encaustic tiles are usually fairly simple to look Following, and require minimal routine maintenance. But, as they're created from cement, they are microporous and so should be sealed to prevent soil getting trapped in the tile.

After cleaning, the initial colours within the floor can look washed-out, so our Professionals put on a colour intensifying sealer to revive the the original colours.

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