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Discover Fabritec's exceptional tile cleaning and restoration services in Chesssington. Our team of experts specializes in Victorian tiles restoration, using advanced techniques and specialist sealers to restore your floors to their former glory. Reach out for a free quote today and transform your home!

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Here at Fabritec, we understand the value of preserving the original charm of your Victorian tiles. Therefore, we offer trustworthy, premium, and graceful restoration services designed to enhance the appeal of your tiles. With extensive experience in tile cleaning and restoration, our expert team is capable of guiding you through the process of restoring your Victorian tiles to their former grandeur. Employing only the finest materials and state-of-the-art techniques, we guarantee a flawless result with every restoration project. Our principal objective is to ensure that your Victorian tiles maintain their original elegance!

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Common Victorian Tiles Issues

  • Worn soiled appearance as a result of many years of wear.

  • Painting splatters and other spills.

  • Rust, oil and grease spots.

  • Damage and holes at the edge of the floor, as a result of carpet gripper nails.

  • Used finishes of waxes and linseed soaked up in to the body of the tiles which has gone black.

  • Grubby and lost cement grout.

Nevertheless|However|Nonetheless|Still|Even so|Having said that|Regardless of this}, it is still quite possible to restore victorian floors back to a breathtaking appearance.

typical problems with victorian tile floors in Chesssington

Victorian Tiles Cleaning

Victorian tile floors are made of natural clay, for that reason they are really soft in comparison to glazed most other ceramic and porcelain floor tiles. Coarse restoration pads will take away your surface a tile. Coarse restoration will remove your design from encaustic tiles, damaging the floor and spoiling your whole appearance of the floor.

Water is essential in restoration, but restoration Victorian floor tiles, use as little as you possibly can. Victorian floor tiles tend to be on old porous, unstable sub-floors. So water should not soak through to sub-floor. Too much water will impact the sub-floor, moving individual floor tiles or whole areas of your floor.

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Minton Tiles Cleaning

If a victorian tile floor is very dirty, dirty with lots of marks, you really need to consult with a local specialist Victorian tiles cleaning company. The company will have the equipment and above all the experience to revive soiled floors, without causing longlasting harm.

The company will start by getting rid of the old coatings. They have access to a wide array of sealing and coating removers to remove old [xfield_gluetar] coatings. The coating removers are left to do their work for 20 minutes or perhaps overnight to work into and soften the coatings and glues.

Scrubbing equipment with various grades of cleaning pads and brushes break away the coatings. Then rinse with water and vacuum away the residues. Repeat the procedure to get rid of all residues associated with old coatings. Hand pads and brushes are beneficial get at the remaining coating residues.

typical problems with victorian tile floors in Chesssington

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Grouting Victorian Tile

Victorian tile floors generally speaking experience a certain amount of shifting, opening up the grout and in some cases, dislodging or breaking individual tiles. 

Gaps between tiles should be grouted to help stabilise a floor. 

Then leave the floor overnight to dry out ready for sealing.

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Sealing Victorian Tiles The Qualified Professional Method

Histiorically, Victorian clay tiles were all about that linseed oil and wax treatment. It was like a magical potion that brought out the vibrant hues in the floor, but alas, time took its toll. The linseed oil would break down and dull the colors, like a faded memory of what once was.

But fear not, my friend! We have entered the modern era, where sealers reign supreme. These bad boys are not only safer than a walk in the park, but they also provide top-notch protection for your precious tiles. And the best part? They're a breeze to apply, like a gentle caress on a summer's day.

Gone are the days of oily cloths causing spontaneous combustion. Say goodbye to the dangers of yesteryear and embrace the ease and safety of our modern sealers. Your floors will thank you, and you'll be the envy of all your neighbors.

So, let's bid adieu to the old ways and welcome the new with open arms. It's time to give your tiles the love and care they deserve, without any of the risks. Trust us, your floors will shine brighter than ever before.

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Encaustic Tiles Cleaning The Expert Strategy To Use

Encaustic cement tiles are becoming very popular. These cement tiles may have designs and colours hydraulically pressed onto the surface and some are also hand painted.

Like other ceramic tiles, Encaustic tiles are generally speaking straight forward to clean, and need minimal maintenance. But, being made of cement, they're permiable and so must be sealed in order to prevent soil becoming trapped within the tile.

When you finish cleaning, the original colours within the floor can seem washed-out, so our Professionals put on a colour intensifying sealer to revive the the original colour tones.

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